The Plant


For sustainable achievement of the company, we rely on our twenty-five years of experience and our manufacturing processes using the latest technologies.

We invest in new improvements to offer better-quality products and services and make a difference for our business partners.

Akyazı plant meets the demand in national and international sleep products markets, manufactures lace pillows and cushions for the furniture industry and fills down & feather coats for the textile industry. It has an unmatched manufacturing capacity and an extensive equipment pool with the latest technologies.

The plant is capable of perfectly processing all kinds of natural and technological filling materials individually or in combination. All kinds of cloths and filling materials can be combined and various stitching methods can be used. As the single plant with the capability of manufacturing with this flexible and large portfolio of raw materials, it is unrivalled in the market.

All processes including the purchase of high-quality raw materials, delivery of products and customer satisfaction surveys are carefully managed.

With an experience of twenty five years, we manufacture using the world’s most developed technologies for local and global markets.