Turkey’s first pillow and quilt brand!

Penelope was launched by Maya Tekstil in 1993 as the first premium pillow and quilt brand of Turkey.

The purpose of the brand is to develop and offer high-quality sleep products required for a comfortable life.

Maya Tekstil, Turkey’s leading home textile and sleep products supplier, offers PENELOPE as one of its most prestigious brands.

The brand offers pillows, quilts and accessories in the local market as well as products suitable for various sleeping habits in more than 50 countries especially in Europe and the Middle East.

Penelope products are offered in 6 main categories.

  • Elide: They are manufactured of carefully selected materials for a special feel at first touch. They are designed to satisfy distinguished difficult consumers. Raw materials used for this collection are of the highest quality.
    • Woolmark-certified 100% beaded pure new English wool,
    • 100% organic cotton cloth
    • 100% natural bamboo filling material and cloth,
    • Original licensed Tencel cloth and filling material extracted from eucalyptus trees
    • Licensed technological cloth with the Outlast technology to keep you cool
    • Latex extracted from natural rubber
    • Goose feather, our area of expertise
  • Naturide: This range offers the natural and soft comfort of down & feather and products ranging from 100% cotton to down & feather for varying levels of softness and temperature are available.
  • Softide: Offers products manufactured with the latest technologies for an extremely soft sleep for those who want a perfectly comfortable sleep. This collection combines Maya Tekstil’s expertise with the latest technologies for a comfortable sleep. Products weaved with carbon thread to absorb the static body electric for a comfortable sleep or clothes manufactured using the Thermolite technology and washable at 60°C for prevention of dust and allergy
  • Medide: This category offers functional solutions to problems caused by the sleeping position. These products ensure a healthy posture and sleeping surface to minimize neck pain and sweating
  • Petite: Petite PENELOPE offers the products of choice for mothers who want the best for their babies. They are offered with various filling materials to meet all expectations and ensure that the required hygiene conditions are provided with natural, healthy and comfortable products.
  • Protectide: Sleep pads and mattress protector manufactured with the latest technologies using goose feather offer a healthy and comfortable sleep and extend the useful life of the products

Penelope offers customized pillow and quilt collections and complements its offering with a large product portfolio including bed cases, blankets, coverlets, special teas to drink before and after the sleep, goose feather coats, baby sleep products, sofa throws and loungers.

You can reach a comfortable and healthy sleep through stores at select locations in Istanbul or buy online via These products are exported to more than 50 countries under our own brand.

With the R&D and P&D efforts at the Sleep Laboratory, we increase our product diversity and develop innovative and functional solutions to meet the demands of the consumers and ensure a world-class sleeping experience.