Othello for a High-Quality and Efficient Sleep

Othello is the best-selling and best known Maya Tekstil brand in its efforts to create a culture of healthy sleep in Turkey.

Othello is sold since 1993. The brand’s product diversity is e result of the R&D efforts at Maya Tekstil Sleep Laboratory and the brand offer innovative and functional products to the market. We work to meet the customer needs beyond their expectations and create a culture of healthy sleep.

The core of Othello products is a collection of pillows, quilts, sleep pads and mattress protector which maximize the quality and efficiency of sleep.

Othello products are currently sold through more than 300 select points of sale focused on home textile throughout Turkey. Furthermore, Maya Tekstil’s strong export team ensures exports to more than 50 countries especially in Europe and the Middle East.

Othello products are sold under 5 collections based on their specifications: Natureline, Softline, Medicaline, Protectline and Babyline.

  • Natureline; offers natural products for a comfortable sleep with natural filling materials including down & feather, wool and bamboo.
  • Softline; offers pillows and quilts with extra soft technological nano and micro-fiber filling materials for a very soft sleep.
  • Medicaline; offers pillows with visco-elastic, bead fiber and micro-fiber filling materials to prevent neck pain caused by faulty sleeping positions or a wrong pillow choice as well as sweating problems.
  • Protectline; offers pads and mattress protector developed to increase the useful life of beds as well as the quality of sleep.
  • Babyline; offers aloe-vera-coated or cotton products with special filling materials including down & feather, bamboo and nano-fiber to provide extra softness to ensure the best and most comfortable sleep for babies.

OTHELLO products were developed as a result of extensive R&D. They are manufactured with top quality using filling materials for varying needs including the best goose feather, bamboo, Woolmark®-licensed pure English wool, nano-fiber, micro-fiber, bead fiber and visco-elastic materials.