Full Dominance at Down & Feather: MAYOCA!

Maya Tekstil manufactures natural and healthy products including the first manufacturing of down &  feather pillows and quilts in Turkey. The Company founded Mayoca in 2007 with Italian partners. The plant is a high-quality down &   feather processing plant. The Company now dominates the business of down &   feather washing, drying and separating in the country.

Raw feather is imported and carefully processed, cleaned and separated by expert teams at Mayoca Feather Processing Plant.

MAYOCA Washing Capacity

We invested in machinery to increase the goose feather washing and separating capacity of Mayoca, Maya Tekstil’s down &   feather processing plant, to meet the increasing first class feather requirement of pillow and quilt manufacturing business. Mayoca’s annual washing capacity reached 800 TONS.

The stages from feather imports to final product:

The imported feathers are processed at Mayoca e Feather Processing Plant through dust suction, washing, drying, separating, stitching and filling, quality control, packaging and delivery.

  1. The dust is removed through dust suction.
  2. They are washed at 30-40 degrees with a special feather shampoo.
  3. Hygiene is ensured by drying at 70 to 90 degrees.
  4. They are disinfected with a second dust suction process.
  5. Down & feathers are separated.
  6. Special covers which prevent the loss of feather are manufactured.
  7. Down & feathers percentages are determined based on the specific pillow or quilt and they are filled.
  8. After quality control, the products are packaged and delivered.