The one and only leading company which manufactures and exports sleep products with a large variety of filling materials at the same plant since 1993

Leading Brand in Turkey

We start to produce sleep products such as pillows, quilts, sleeping pads and mattress protectors in 1993 and we design and manufacture our products by determining consumer needs in order to create a sleeping culture in Turkey and to offer a nature-friendly, healthy and quality sleeping standard without compromising on quality and comfort. We aim to increase sleeping awareness in international standards by increasing our product diversity day by day with our R-D (Research and Development)  and P-D ( Production and Development) studies that we do in our Sleep Laboratory and to meet consumer needs with our innovative and functional product designs that are not available at the present. PENELOPE and OTHELLO, which are of the highest awareness of consumers in pillow and quilt products, meet with consumers in pillows, duvets, pads and mattress product groups which appeal to different sleeping habits, especially in 50 countries including Middle East and Europe. We have branded quality and comfort in the sector with our product range that we have reached in our products, pillow and quilt products, and difference approach. We aim to create healthy sleep awareness by offering the opportunity to choose the right sleep products for the consumer and customer. Our products developed with our extensive R&D workforce have been our specialty for over 20 years, using top quality feather and filling materials such as camel hair, bamboo, cotton, Thermolite®, micro fiber, Fiber ball, Nano fiber, viscoelastic and latex. We are producing quilts in accordance with the world standards and in accordance with the special product development understanding and the pillow types, body and ambient temperature options suitable for the forms of admission.