Furniture Industry


We manufacture seat cushions, back cushions and lace pillows filled with down & feather and other materials for sofa groups manufactured by select furniture brands. We prepare moulds for the product models requested by the customers, determine the type and quantity of the filling material and manufacture a prototype. The prototypes are subjected to quality control tests and mass production starts after approval by the customer.

FILLING MATERIALS: Though we have no limitation regarding the filling materials, the furniture industry predominantly uses down&feather, 7-denier 32-mm. HCS bead fiber, high-density rag sponge known as ‘’sugar sponge’’ (original or supplied from regenerated sponge) or their combinations. In certain models, the products are supported by ready-to-use padding, sponge, latex or viscoelastic materials.

CLOTH OPTIONS: Cotton-polyester, down-proof and highly-resistant clothes are used to manufacture covers for sofa cushions. For lace pillows, there are no limitations and the ideal cloth is selected based on the type of production.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Thousands of cushion and lace pillow models are used in the furniture industry and we can say that the system has a daily filling material capacity of 3,600 kg rather than giving a number in terms of sofa groups.