About Us

Leading Brand of Many Firsts in Turkey

Maya Tekstil was founded in 1993 to manufacture sleep products including pillows, quilts, sleep pads and accessories and created the first pillow and quilt brands of the Turkish home textile industry.

Our story started at a 250 m² space to promote the practice of healthy and high-quality sleep in Turkey. Today, we manufacture at our 46,000 m² plant in Akyazı, Sakarya. The plant is among the most advanced plants in Europe.

Our achievements as a manufacturer are marked by a long-standing history, our business expertise, innovative strength and R&D investments.

R&D and P&D

We manufacture a variety of high-quality pillows, quilts, mattress protectors and sleep pads at our plant. We also fill lace pillows and cushions for Turkey’s leading furniture manufacturers with various quality and comfort options as well as down jackets for leading fashion brands.


Maya Tekstil was the first brand to introduce down & feather to Turkish consumers for the healthiest and most comfortable sleep.

Maya Tekstil manufactures natural and healthy products including down &  feather pillows and quilts via Mayoca founded in 2007 with Italian partners. The plant is a high-quality down & feather processing plant. It is the only plant in Turkey and among the few in the world.

Raw down & feather is imported from breeding farms (down & feather is the by product of these farms)  and carefully processed, cleaned and separated at Mayoca Feather Processing Plant.

Qualities of Down & Feather

  • “Hygroscopic” feather absorbs the excessive environmental humidity and releases it when not used.
  • It balances heat and humidity.
  • It is a rare material and therefore very precious.
  • It can be washed and has a long useful life.