Penelope Dorme

“Five star sleep comfort in your hotel with healthy sleeping products”

Hotels are the points where the customer has the highest level of quality expectation regarding sleep over a limited period of time. Maya Tekstil provides services with its 24 years expertise in Penelope Dorme Hotel Collection or by using branded products in various properties in Turkey and abroad by experienced companies in the hotel industry.

Penelope Dorme Hotel Collection products consist of products developed to provide solutions for the different sleeping needs of the hotels.

Maya Textile; Penelope Dorme Hotel Collection, combining high quality and comfortable pillows, duvets, pads and scarves produced with 24 years of experience in order to maintain its leading position in the sector and further strengthen its position, offering premium service chain and boutique hotels.

PENELOPE Dorme is manufactured with advanced technology to increase sleep quality with pillow, quilt, alez and pad options; Healthy, natural, hygienic products. Responding to different sleep needs, Penelope Dorme Hotel Collection sleep products, Maya Textile assurance and quality service understanding of hotels, customers experience a unique sleep experience and comfort.

Famous hotels located in Turkey and abroad are produced in desired sizes and customs for their own brands. The products developed by Maya Textile’s AR-GE and UR-GE department are preparing and producing special product collections for the desired brand name.,

Maya Textile offers a collection of exclusive products for every exclusive needs of the exclusive hotels with competitive prices.


Maya Tekstil manufactures in accordance with international standards in the framework of the organizations it is a member of.